Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Centurion Crabapple tree

This tree has stolen my heart over the years, but I never would
have thoughtit possible. It was such an ugly duckling when I
first brought it home because it had been left in it's nursery pot
too long and was very root bound. I bought it because it was
cheap at $50.00, marked down from$100.00 and the only one I
could afford at the time.It was the second tree (the first was a southwest
border pine) I had bought for this garden and when I got it home it
looked so lonesome sitting in it's place that the next day I went
and bought another one just like it (root-bound at all) and planted it
a few feet away in the lawn behind the house.

For the first five years they put on very little growth,
the result of being in pots too small for the size of root ball.
I almost had my husband pull them out several times, but thought
I would give them one more year to show what they could do,
and that went on year after year.

 Slowly the tree was taking on a decent shape and growing well.
Even in the beginning though, it would flower so abundantly that I decided
I could get used to them and let them stay.

I am so glad I did!
They have finally grown into beautiful trees and have totally
redeemed themselves in the eye of this gardener.

The bloom of this tree is so interesting in that it starts out this deep deep pink
and very soon after it opens, the blooms turn to the palest pink and the branches are
so packed that you can hardly see the leaves.

Thank you Centurion for being so beautiful!

I think I got a good return on my $100 !

Don't you love it when an ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan ?

Monday, March 28, 2016

In the studio

I wanted to share some snaps around the studio today.
It's spring and I need to do some cleaning and that means
things will get changed up again, so I wanted to post how it looks right now.

some favorite lace pieces

a lovely postcard of a vintage wedding

crystals from an old chandelier I bought at a yard sale that I have yet to
paint and find a place to hang

cluttered shelves of useful (and not so useful) things

A few shots of the inspiration board

jars of lace

more jars of lace

baby bonnet on my favorite blue cabinet

worktable clutter

I started the post with lace so I'll end with lace

Do you want to know the real reason I am cleaning it up in here?
I asked Dale if he would build me some stairs to the loft and he went out to
see what he would need to do and there was so much stuff in the way he just shut
the door and came back into the house.
Notice I didn't take any wide shots?
Too ashamed to share the mess :))))

Monday, February 22, 2016

I don't know about you, but....

...I need a floral fix today.

I look out into my sad little muddy garden and wonder how the heck I can get these
out of all that snow and mud.

We did have about three foot of snow on it three weeks ago, but 
now with all the wind and warmer temperatures in the past several days, 
some of the beds are almost clear with patches of snow that's about six inches
deep and the beds along the driveway are just mud. 

I decided to look into my files and find some of the photos of last years florals that
I hadn't posted yet and found some that you might enjoy.

I have really enjoyed this winter and can you believe it (???),
I'm just not ready to let go of it yet.
A few short years ago you would have never heard anything like
that come out of my mouth!
It's funny how when you set your mind to change something about yourself,
you can make it happen if you try long and hard enough.

One of those things was how I grumbled about winter from the middle of November
until the middle of March, which is how long winter usually lasts
in my part of Idaho.

 I think my dislike of the winters here
( I came as a teen from Boise where the winters are milder)
came from when I had small children (lot's of them :)
and we were dairy farmers. We lived down a long lane that would often
get blown in and so I would have to bundle the kids up to walk to the
 (usually carrying the two smallest)
  car which we had to leave at the end of the lane so we could get to town 
and the children to school. 

But I don't live down a long lane anymore and I don't have small children, 
so I don't have a valid excuse for grumbling about it anymore.

I finally told myself that I was going to change this and make friends
with ol' man winter. I needed an attitude adjustment and would remind
myself daily for awhile, that I really did want to
change how I felt about it.

Guess what? It worked!

I can actually say that I looked forward to the past three winters
and really have enjoyed them.

Thank goodness the roads have been pretty good this winter
so I could get out of town and get some shopping done in Twin Falls. 
I usually go about five times a month and my husband calls 
them my 'sanity days'.


Well, I don't know how sane I am, 
but I go by myself and the hour drive through cattle grazing and farmland relaxes me.
Very unlike living in the city  where the drive would make me crazy.

I'm treating myself to a shopping day tomorrow because most of the painting is done 
and I really, really need a day out of the house.

For those who have asked, I did go with white again, 
(the same white I had before that has just a hint of grey to it) 
 Everything looks so fresh.

So now, because I grumbled about the painting I had to do, I am going to try
to make friends with painting, much like I did with winter. 

Now that's a laugh!

 Not going to happen!!

Wishing everyone who reads here a wonderful week!