Friday, August 22, 2014

cutting the late August roses

We have had tons of rain lately, which is badly needed, so I knew that I had better cut many of the
roses and enjoy them in the house since they wouldn't fair well in the downpours we've been having.
I took my little bucket out and cut lots in a bed near the back door. 
I snapped a few photos (in horrible light) before making bouquets to put around the house because 
I thought they looked kind of pretty all wild looking.  

The light pink rose is Morden Blush and the darker pink is Guy de Maupassant.


No sunshine in sight for better light to take pictures, and too lazy to use the tripod, I was able
to capture a few shots of the bouquets.

Morden Blush and Annabelle hydrangea in an enamel pitcher.

My computer finally gave up the ghost, so I have been unplugged for what seems like
a month (about 10 days, but it felt like a month :),
so it feels great to get a post done and get back
to blogging.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


In the garden I have a couple of perennial sweetpea vines growing and although
this variety of sweetpea has no scent, the flower is so pretty.
It can become very invasive, so think twice before adding to your garden.
I've tried to dig out a mature vine in one of the beds twice without any
luck of getting the root. (they are deep,deep,deep) and stubborn))
Look how pretty the flower is as it fades over time. 
It's almost prettier past it's prime than in the peak of it's bloom.
(at least I think so)
((but then, you know how much I love drieds))

When you see these photos it may make you wonder why would I ever want to
eradicate the lovely little bloom? :)
I don't really---I just want it where I want it.

Of course I had to take a few shots of them when they dried.
Isn't it strange that they were so pink, but dried a deep blue?  
It's been so much fun to see how the garden has flourished this year.
Every year I say, "this is the prettiest it's ever been" and then it has to go and show off.

I'm not good at taking wide shots of the beds...the lighting never seems right to capture it well,
and I don't have a good lens for it,
so my favorite thing to do is shoot little vignettes all over and share them.
I have taken a ba-zillion photos this summer,
so I will be back to share a half a ba-zillion with you soon.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I love how cut roses brought into a room have the power to beautify in
 such a way that no other adornment can.
You can almost feel a sudden sense of life and a feeling of peace infuse the space.

the roses in this pot are Guy de Maupassant

Just having them sitting here in the living room makes me more contented
with everything else in it.
They have a way of making everything else look prettier somehow.

A pretty Mary rose in the kitchen window is a reminder of how much I love summer
and the garden I have about me outside it.
It's just a plain windowsill until you place a vase of roses in it.

One of the roses that have been blooming in the garden lately is this Colette rose below.
It has finished it's first bloom cycle and soon will bloom again and all 
through the fall.

This is Morden Ruby
(a large shrub rose in a border by the horse fence)

The rose below (can't remember it's name) has a beautiful bloom,
but the bush is a scrawny thing in my garden.

The rose below is one of the many John Cabot roses in the garden. Love it!

Beautiful Persian Yellow rose blooms.

A simple, but beautiful rose bloom is the Red Leaf rose.
The bloom my be understated, but the color of the foliage is not!
It's a must in this garden.

One of my Adelaide Hoodless roses in the front border.

Two more large Adelaide Hoodless rose shrubs in the garden fill it with a
lovely light scent in the evenings.

And lastly in this post is this little shrub rose named
Marie Victorin.
 Marie Victorin in a vase with Scabiosa and Lady's Mantle. 
I want to thank you all who follow and read here.
Thank you for letting me share my flower and garden images and a few thoughts
about life.
Isn't blogging wonderful?