Monday, May 18, 2015

The joys of spring

This is a post crammed with photos but very short on words, as I am working
between rainstorms, which have been badly needed here.
I love going to bed at night hearing the rain on the roof, knowing that
I won't have to work to sprinkle the garden in the morning.
I did get a chance to get some photos of the lilacs and blooming trees
and wanted to post them today.

The beautiful Snowdrift is in bloom and it's wonderful to be under it's branches daily
listening to the hundreds of bees working in it's blossoms.
Such an amazing sound!

Be back soon with more lilacs.
I did post on Grace Gardens for those who like blooms and blossoms!
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

time in the garden

It's felt so good to get out in the garden for another year.
So much work goes into a garden in the spring, so I 
haven't even had time to do any kind of blogging or FB. (not that I ever do FB :)
I think FB is so much easier than blogging, so I really should))
It's hard to make myself even come in to eat when I get going out there.
I decided I had better post something before I let too much 
more time pass or I'll get so far behind that I won't 
be able to catch up. Not to mention that I know how many beautiful
posts of your's that I have been missing.
It's so hard to work everything in that I want to do, but especially when
the garden requires a lot of time right now, but it has been so good 
for my soul to work out here. 

The crab apple trees are in bloom now and things have just suddenly started
popping out of the ground in the past 2 weeks.
It's finally starting to look like a garden instead of a bunch of dry sticks
coming out of the ground. It always looks such a mess after winter
and in early spring. You start to wonder if it will ever look good again and
then suddenly it starts to burst forth.

I love it when the flowering trees are all blooming and wish
 it could last longer than it does. My sisters and I had a get together
last weekend and it was the first time one of them had ever been here
while the trees were blooming. I'm glad she got to see them.

I wanted to show you this Brandywine crab apple tree in the stage below.
I call it my gum ball tree because when the blooms first start, 
they remind me of them. They are big!
You'll notice it more in a photo later in the post 
of more of the tree, as I was about a day late getting the photos of it.

They then turn into the prettiest bloom, much like a tiny rose.

You can really see the little pink balls better in this photo and the photo above.
I love seeing it through the branches of the white flowering tree.
The tulips are all blooming now too. I love this one below particularly.

It's definitely my favorite!

It's getting a little late in the afternoon so maybe, just maybe, 
I will spend some time in the hammock.
See you soon to share some of the other trees in bloom.

sending hugs to you all!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Spring is here and the
 forsythia and daffodils are blooming, bringing their cheery yellows to the garden.
and to the house

 a little birdie told me it was time to post a photo of him

 Wishing you all a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!