Monday, February 23, 2015

Enjoying the ride

Today I had to make the 60 mile trip to Lowes for lumber and other
necessary shopping, although a couple of bags may not have fallen under that category.

I usually make this trip about four times a month and
the drive is long, but gives me time to think.
  As I drove today I saw cows with newborn calves at their sides and
mama ewes with their new little lambs.
They were jumping and frolicking and
 I could have watched them all day.
Dale watches Landon when I go so I have no worries at all and can
pretty much fly through my list of things to get and do while there.

On the way there I think, and on the way home I sing (loudly)
to the radio.
I think of the best posts to write---but never do,
 I think about to-do lists, my life and how blessed I am.

Love these outings and actually happy I live so far away from civilization :)

a little birdcage found at Joanne's fabrics

 sharing a little bit of spring on the mantle

I also wanted to share some photos I took at the little shack in the woods last summer
when I was getting it ready for a couple of friends to come and have a little picnic.

We have this rickety park bench there that I hope keeps standing for a few more years
because I love how it looks among the aspens.

Makes me want to go see how the little shack made it through the winter.
and the bench!

I hope you all enjoy this last week of February!

Friday, February 13, 2015

With Love!

 Sharing a little Valentine vignette and some roses
from last summer's garden.

a pretty Valentine from a friend

Here is a pretty little bouquet I picked in early summer and
while I don't remember the name of this rose it is one of my favorites.
It blooms the same time as my mock orange and they make a pretty pair.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day from me!!!
I hope your Valentine's includes some pretty flowers, even if
they are a treat to you from you!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

a little sewing and some flower photos from the past summer

~~finding a little time to do some sewing this winter~~

I love the slower days of winter because I am able to to sit at the sewing machine
more than usual. I don't think there are too many things
I like doing more than sewing things for the home. 
I had resolved that this winter I would get in and make a major dent in my fabric stash and
since I have waaay too much fabric and already have three quilt tops ready to have 
machine quilted (when I can afford it :))) I decided to make pillows.

pillows for the bed

pillows for the sofa
And this isn't even all of them. I'm sure you will be seeing them in future
photos, but they are summery and some of them
will be going outside or on the sofas in the spring.

I'm like that with everything I do. 
Once I get started on something I have a hard time reining myself in.
It really becomes noticeable when I craft or sew. I do a kind of assembly
line thing. I'm one of those...if a little is good...a lot, is A LOT better.
I always make more of something than I will ever need.

I also made a ruffled linen cushion topper thingy for the sofa so when 
the dog jumps on the white sofa to see whose at the door
I can throw it in the wash and not the whole slipcover.

but guess what? I only made one!

I've also been sewing some stars (too many, I might add)
from all my scraps for a little garland for a granddaughter's room.
I hope to share them here when I get them done.

Remember when I wrote that I had taken a ga-zillion photos of blooms from the
garden and would bore you with them this winter?
well~~~ it's winter
so here we go with some of the peonies

Thank you to all who read here and to all those who follow along.
It's a wonderful way to share the things I love and love to do.

~~hugs from here~~